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Wedding Party Gifts June 9, 2010

We have been bridesmaids many times over the years, and we have gotten some really great gifts from the couples.  We have also gotten some really awful ones…which will not be mentioned here.

 Be the couple who gives really great, thoughtful gifts to your bridesmaids and groomsmen.  After all, these are your closest friends, and they have given up their time and money to be a part of your day.

 For the Girls

  1. It may not be the most creative gift, but who doesn’t love a spa day with the bride-to-be?  If some of the bridesmaids live out of town, this can be scheduled the morning of the rehearsal…and everyone has fresh mani/pedis for the festivities! 
  2. If some of the girls are concerned about the cost of being in your wedding, why not give them giftcards to buy their shoes or makeup?  Our favorites are DSW and Sephora, and they can be found in most major markets.
  3. Jewelry is another traditional gift, but you can make it more special by giving a jewelry tree or box along with it.  This is something the girls can leave out year-round to remember being part of your celebration.  http://www.wrapables.com/jsp/Jewelry.jsp
  4. We also love the gifts that keep on giving.  Give your girls a wine of the month or chocolate of the month membership.  Most clubs also offer three or six month memberships that may be a little budget-friendlier.

For the Guys

  1. For some male bonding, plan a day of golfing with the groomsmen.  If the ladies are having a spa day, schedule it for the same time to keep everyone in the wedding party occupied.  Just leave plenty of time to clean up before the rehearsal!
  2.  Everyone does the monogrammed beer steins, flasks, flash drives, etc.  Instead of a monogram, why not personalize them with the groomsman’s favorite sports team logo?
  3. While the bridesmaids are getting their wine of the month, the guys can be getting beer of the month in the mail!  Although we did recently hear about a bacon of the month club…
  4. Every bachelor pad or man cave needs a personlized sign.  Have you seen these yet?  http://gifts.redenvelope.com/gifts/personalized-signs-30006476?viewpos=4&trackingpgroup=rfmfv

Here are a few other websites for even more unique gifts:





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