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Favor Friday June 11, 2010

For the most part, couples are still giving favors to their wedding guests.  Sometimes a charitable donation is made in lieu of favors, but we’ll cover those options in another post.  For now, here are a few of the cutest favors we have come across recently:

We have seen the heart stoppers several times, but love the idea of them being paired with the heart corkscrew.  Since these are a little pricier than some favors, it is acceptable to give one out per couple, instead of per person. 

 If you are going to give out something personalized, guests are usually happier with something they can use versus a trinket that has your name or wedding date on it.  We think these personalized bags of coffee are the perfect solution!

Personalized bottles of water are great for outdoor ceremonies or receptions.  This site has tons of design options to choose from, and we love the nutritional label.

These are stacked cookies, which can be made to replicate your wedding cake.  This sample is from a local bakery, A Spoon Fulla Sugar, (and we can verify that they are not only cute, but taste delicious) but we are guessing that most bakers would be able to do the same for you.

These porcelain holders are the perfect size to hold a little treat at the reception, and then your guests can take them home to be used as tealight holders.  This bride slipped a paper ribbon on each one to double as namecards! 

 Happy Shopping!

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