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Theme Weddings – Part One June 24, 2010

In these posts we’re going to try to focus on one theme that’s been around for awhile, and one that’s a little more quirky, or “now”.  Are there themes you would like to see discussed?  Send us your ideas!

Tried & True – Asian Theme

For this theme there is no end to how you can tie it into your wedding and reception.  This theme can flow through the clothing, food, decor…you name it.  What about a sake toast instead of a champagne toast?  In no particular order, here’s what we love now. 

We have seen custom fortune cookies before, but this site has them in every color and flavor!  We really love the sound of the cherry flavored chocolate covered ones.  They even have pink, yellow and purple ones!

If you are worried that serving a full Asian menu to your crowd won’t go over well, just serve Asian hors d’oeuvres and a more traditional meal.  Check with your caterer to see what Asian inspired hors d’oeuvres they do well.  These edamame dumplings look fantastic!

http://www.flickr.com (jamieanderson)

http://www.flickr.com (abbietabbie)

These cakes are Asian inspired without being overdone.  The cherry blossoms are an accent that is easy to carry throughout with your invitations and decorations, but we love the unique fondant bamboo layered between the tiers of the second cake.

 Here are a couple of websites that have sections devoted to Asian wedding decorations and favors:



Quirky – Beatles Theme

 This is a really fun theme, but both of you need to be die hard fans!  You can pick an album, an era, or just some of your favorite Beatles elements.  Here is what some other creative couples have done.

 This couple started with the invitation and carried the theme throughout the day with style.  We love these boxed invites!

http://www.flickr.com (Mark Klukowski)

 A happy couple with their maid of honor and best man, recreating the famous Abbey Road photo.  An absolute must for a Beatles inspired wedding!

 You can also tie the theme into the menu.  Start the meal with a “Strawberry Fields Salad”.  The above salad was created by our chefs at Oasis Conference Center!  What about “Savoy Truffles” as an after dinner treat, or in a small box as the wedding favor?

This Beatles themed wedding cake may be a little over the top, but it certainly conveys the theme!  If you want a more traditional wedding cake, you could always have a Beatles groom’s cake shaped and decorated like one of their records.

There are several other ways to tie in this theme, with music being the simplest and most obvious.  You can make all of your special dances Beatles songs, or have a Beatles tribute band instead of a DJ.  You can also use lava lamps to decorate the bar area, or even as centerpieces if you can find battery operated ones.  Let us know what other ideas you have! 

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One Response to “Theme Weddings – Part One”

  1. J. Conrad Says:

    Just want you to know I am thoroughly enjoying your blog posts! And those fortune cookies look FABULOUS! Well done, Oasis!

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