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Theme Weddings – Part Two June 29, 2010

Time for round two!  We’re going to cover another subtle theme and one that you may not have seen yet.  Let us know what you want to see next!

Tried & True – Vintage Theme

When choosing elements for a vintage wedding, pick an era and stick to it.  If you end up with a dress from the 30’s, accessories from the 70’s and a cake from the 50’s, no one is going to understand your vision.  Just remember less is more!  Which era are you?

Start with the dress.  Shop your local consigment shops, or any number of online shops.  Here are a few to get you started.





Next come accessories.  You can either choose vintage or vintage inspired (read: cheaper).  For true vintage jewelry, check out local estate sales.

More accessory websites:




You can also bring in a vintage element to your wedding cake, either with lace fondant details, or with a topper like the one pictured below.

The possibilities for this theme are endless (rent a vintage car for the day, bring parasols and lace gloves for the bridesmaid photos, incorporate your grandparents’ wedding photos…), but we’re going to wrap up this section with two centerpiece options.

http://www.ebay.com (giftsforhimorher)

Quirky – Owl Theme

This is the updated version of lovebirds – Owl Always Love You.  Owls are huge right now.  If you don’t believe us, just look in trendy stores when the back to school displays start popping up.  This would be the perfect theme for a young, fun couple planning their big day.

Start with the stamps, invitations and programs:

Then, have the ring bearer walk down the aisle with an owl pillow!  The link below is for a pillow pattern; add a pocket or a ribbon for the rings.

You can also incorporate owls into the favors or bridesmaid gifts.  Just be sure to stay away from owls that look too lifelike.  Keep them cute and cartoonish, or you’ll end up scaring your guests!

We couldn’t find any fun owl themed wedding cakes.  Maybe that’s taking it too far?  Let us know what you think!

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