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Favor Friday July 9, 2010

Eco Friendly Favors

Sure, “green” weddings seem to be the latest fad, but we don’t think it’s a bad bandwagon to jump on!  For today’s Favor Friday post, we are going to share a few of our favorite green wedding favors.

These coasters are a great option, because bamboo is a sustainable resource, and because your guests might actually use these.  Usually when cleaning up after a wedding reception, we find tons of favors that guests left behind.  We’re guessing most of these would find their way home with your family and friends.

Personalized seed packets and tree seedlings may seem like an obvious choice, but we can’t think of a greener gift!  Just ask your reception venue to gather any that are left so you can make sure they all get planted.  Don’t forget to save one for yourselves to plant in your new home!

Beeswax candles aren’t the most eco-friendly favors we have come across, but they definitely still fit the theme…and they’re cute!

Edible favors.  Need we say more?  We think chocolate speaks for itself, but these chocolate bars from Endangered Species Chocolate are organic and the organization makes a charitable donation for every bar sold.  Love it!

 These cute boxes are sustainable, and come empty so you can fill them with something to make them a little more personal.  You could use candies that match your wedding colors, or even seeds that could later be planted.

 Let us know if you are giving out other fun eco friendly favors at your reception!

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