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Music Monday July 12, 2010

Reception Party Music

It’s another Music Monday!  Today we’re going to talk about the playlist you should have ready to go as soon as you are finished with all of the formalities.  Before we get too far, know that it is okay to have a No Play List!  Do you cringe when you hear “Celebrate” or “Electric Slide”?  Make sure your DJ knows that your least favorite songs, whatever they may be, are forbidden.  No exceptions.

When planning the reception with your DJ, you always have the option to let them take the reigns.  Most are pretty good at reading a crowd, and playing the songs that keep the guests on the dance floor.  However, it is helpful for the DJ to know what you and your friends like ahead of time.  Why not poll the wedding party?  Get five or ten requests from each of them, and share them with your DJ.

Another great way to keep your friends dancing is to go old school.  Give the DJ a list of songs from the year you graduated high school and ask him to mix those in with the current music.  Here are a couple of site to get you started:



 There is one great way to please a diverse crowd.  Typically at a wedding reception, the older guests are the first to leave, and your closest friends are there to close the place down with you.  Why not let the music follow that pattern?  Start the party with a few oldies, then move to some dance music from the 70’s, going through each decade until you get to the current party music at the end of the night.

Leave us a comment if you have other ideas to share with our brides.  Don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page to keep up with all the latest posts!

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