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Bridal Showers July 19, 2010

Okay bridesmaids, this post is for you!  One of your closest friends has decided to get married, and you get to throw the first party.  Usually the Maid of Honor takes the lead, but all of the bridesmaids should lend a hand in planning the shower, as well as paying for it.  Here are some themes and ideas to get you started.

 Oasis Shower Packages

Time for another shameless plug…if you want to make planning your shower simple, have it at the Oasis Conference Center!  We have packages ranging from breakfast to lunch to a dessert buffet.  Plus, we take care of all of the set up and clean up!

Around the Clock Shower

This is a pretty simple idea, but it makes opening the gifts a little more entertaining.  The invites can have clocks on them, and each guest is assigned a time of day.  Their gift must correspond with that time.  For example, an 8:00AM gift could be a griddle, a 3:00PM gift could be an ice cream scoop and bowls, an 8:00PM gift could be wine glasses and pillowcases would be great for 11:00PM.  Just remember to encourage guests to stick to registry items.

Culinary Theme

Does the bride consider herself a foodie?  Host a private cooking class during the shower!  You can have a private chef prepare the hors d’oeuvres, and learn how to make a few of them yourselves.  Welcome the bride to the shower with a customized apron (i.e. “Bride” or “Mrs. X”), and tell guests to shop from the kitchen sections of the registries.  Here is a great Cincinnati resource: http://garnish-catering.com/cooking.html.

 Pajama Party

 If all of the bridesmaids have been friends since grade school, you can re-create a sleepover from your childhood…with a grown-up twist.  Get plenty of junk food, give each other manicures, rent wedding themed movies and mix girly cocktails!

Honeymoon Theme

Has the couple made their honeymoon plans yet?  Get the bride excited by hosting a bridal shower with all of the elements of the honeymoon locale.  Are they going somewhere tropical?  Use pineapples as centerpieces, give flip flops as door prizes and serve exotic food.  You can even package your gift in a beach bag that she could take on her trip!

 Leave a comment and let us know what you’re planning!

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One Response to “Bridal Showers”

  1. Angi Says:

    I love these ideas! Makes me want to get married again!

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