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Theme Weddings – Part Three July 30, 2010

Tried & True – Beach Theme

You don’t have to be getting married on the beach to have a beach inspired wedding.  Just by bringing in a few simple elements, you can still have an elegant wedding that’s fun.

Start with gifts.  For the bridesmaids, give them cute flip flops and a beach bag.  Give the groomsmen a beach towel – bonus points if you give each one a towel with their favorite sports team logo.

You can also give your guests beachy favors.  There are a ton out there, but here are a couple that are cute and economical.

This idea was “borrowed” from one of our Oasis brides!  If you need to keep kids occupied at the reception, make these cute kid favor pails.  You can fill them with coloring books and crayons, candy, puzzle books, legos…you get the idea.

 We never thought you would be able to have beach inspired champagne flutes, but then we came across these…and we love them!

The simplest and most impressive way to tie in the beach theme is with your wedding cake.  You can go with shells…

…or with a sandcastle!

http://www.flickr.com (robynlovescake)

Quirky – Sports Theme

 We know that sports themed weddings are not for everyone.  Both the bride and groom need to be superfans to pull one of these off, but if that’s the case they can be a blast!  Choose one sport or team and stick to it, or your wedding could end up looking more like a birthday party for an 8 year old.

To give your guests an idea of what to expect from your wedding, send an invite that looks like an event ticket.  Love this example!

 You can also send a regular invite with a sports stamp if you don’t want to go overboard.

Favors are an easy way to pull in any theme.  They make chocolate in every shape and wrapper, so it’s a simple solution.  What do you think about chocolate tennis balls?

 These bottle stoppers are cute, and the flags can even double as placecards!

 There are so many things you can do with the cake with a sports theme.  You can go with team colors but leave off the logos to keep it simple or get the toppers that have the bride and groom playing the sport (available on almost every wedding website).  You can also have a normal wedding cake and a groom’s cake shaped like a football, jersey, racecar, stadium…the ideas are limitless.  Here are a couple we have seen at the Oasis.

 If you’re considering a golf themed wedding, why not get married overlooking a golf course?  We have the perfect location and gorgeous photo ops out on the course.  Check us out!


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