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Wedding Registry August 25, 2010

 How do you choose where to register for your wedding these days?  Store proximity used to dictate choices before the days of online shopping.  But now, your choices are limitless.  We suggest creating two or three registries to give your guests some store and price point options.


 The traditional registry options are great if you need things for your new home.  We won’t spend time highlighting each one, but we will give you the links to the popular sites.  Scroll down to get to the more unique sites!



Crate & Barrel


Bed, Bath & Beyond




Okay, on to the fun stuff.  If you already have all of the practical things you need for your home,  there are plenty of other cool registry options.  The first couple of sites are for a broad range of items.  They can both compile items from tons of stores, so you are not limited to shopping in just a couple of stores.


 Amazon – Yes, they have a wedding registry!


Wishpot – A friend recently used this and registered for everything from cute coffee mugs from Anthropologie to glassware from P.O.S.H., a tableware store in Chicago.


The Pampered Chef – For the couple who loves to entertain!


 Fitzu – L.A. based store with some fun, upscale items.


VinoClassics – You guessed it; a wine registry!  Start your own cellar.


After the Wedding Day – For the couple who would rather “do” than “have”.  Register for massages, skydiving, concert tickets…


The Man Registry – For the groom who thinks the registry is all about the bride.  Let him register for a remote controlled cooler here.


Sandals – Register for an all inclusive honeymoon!


Deposit a Gift – If what you really need is cash, this is a tasteful way to ask for it.  Guests still get to pick out a “gift” for you and donate the amount of money it would take to purchase that gift.


I Do Foundation – This is the registry that gives back.  If you truly have everything, this site encourages your guests to make a charitable donation in your name.


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2 Responses to “Wedding Registry”

  1. Dana Says:

    Thanks for including Deposit a Gift in your list! Create a registry that let’s guests contribute to dreams and experiences you want most: exotic honeymoon, newlywed activities, home down payment, your fav charity & more!

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