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Theme Weddings – Part Five September 22, 2010

Tried & True – Winter Theme 

We know that many of you are in the beginning stages of planning your Winter 2011 wedding, so we thought the time was right to share some of our ideas for a Winter theme wedding.  We’re not talking red and green holiday themes, just simple, classic winter accents. 

The easiest way to accomplish this look is to keep everything white and silver.  If you want to bring in an accent color, we suggest dark blue or deep purple, and not much of it.  Think all white linens, silver chair cover sashes, silver chargers, and silver/white combo centerpieces. 

Looking for a more understated centerpiece?  Fill this tray with silver ornaments, then re-use them as hostess gifts for parties you attend throughout the next year.  Load one with appetizers and let the hostess know you intend on leaving the tray as a thank you. 

For more silver accents, we love these serving trays!  These would be perfect for cocktail servers or butler passed hors d’oeuvres. 

As always, here are some cake and cupcake samples that are appropriate for the theme.  What about a layer of chocolate cake with peppermint cream filling?  Sounds like winter to us! 

Instead of favors or a candy station, have your caterer set up a gourmet coffee and hot chocolate station.  Use silver wrapped candies to decorate the tables, and have vases full of them so your guests know they are welcome to take a few.  If you have a bartender staff the station, you can even have different liqueurs available to add.  Don’t forget to have cinnamon sticks, rock candy swizzles and peppermint sticks for stirring! 


Quirky Theme – Hollywood Theme 

So, maybe quirky is not the right word to describe this theme, but we don’t think it fits into the tried and true realm, either.  Regardless, it can be a really fun theme without looking like your high school prom. 

It’s fun to clue your guests into the theme beginning with the invite.  These invitations look like ticket stubs, and would be pretty simple to DIY if your invitation budget is small. 

 And nothing says Hollywood like a glamorous gown.  We love this one – and it look comfortable!  To glam up the bridesmaid photo shoot, bring along some big sunglasses and long gloves…then send us photos! 

  There are plenty of things you can do at the reception to continue the theme.  Hire a live band with plenty of Rat Pack songs on their set list, and hire a second photographer to take paparazzi photos of your guests as they enter and all night long while they party.  Then make your placecards do double-duty as favors.  These picture frames are perfect!

  You can even rent gold chiavari chairs with red, black or white seat cushions.  Not in the budget for your entire party?  Think about using them to make the head table stand out.

As always, there are endless options for centerpieces.  We’re going to keep it simple this time, and just suggest a few of these votives on each table surrounding a short floral arrangment.

 Last, but certainly not least, CAKE!  You can go classic…

…or crazy!

http://www.flickr.com (Jovi Escobedo)

Happy planning!



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