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Hotel Welcome Baskets September 30, 2010

Chances are, you’ve got friends and family traveling from out of town, or out of state, to be a part of your wedding day.  Why not welcome them to town in style?  Make arrangements with your hotel or hotels to have welcome baskets placed in their rooms prior to check-in.  If you provide the basket (or bag, or box), most hotels will either place them in the rooms in your room block, or hand them out at the front desk when your guests check in.

Now comes the fun part – deciding what goes in each basket!  You should start with a thank you note and agenda for the weekend.  After that, contact the hotel or local Chamber of Commerce to ask about getting area maps for the baskets.  Be sure to mark important locations on the maps (rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception) before including them.

The best parts of a welcome basket are the local treats.  We’re going to talk about some Cincinnati favorites, but if your wedding is elsewhere, this list should spark some other fun ideas.


We know you can’t put a pint of Graeter’s ice cream in the basket, but you can put in a small gift card, or some Graeter’s candy.



You can send them home with a bottle of Montgomery Inn barbecue sauce, though!  Do you have a favorite recipe that uses the sauce?  Include that, too!


When most people think of Cincinnati food, Cincinnati chili is usually the first thing mentioned.  Put a can of Skyline Chili in the basket, and a recipe would be helpful for this as well.  Some of your out-of-towners may not know about the spaghetti.



Again, you can’t put a pizza in the welcome basket, but you can put in a Larosa’s menu and some coupons.  Anyone staying for a few days should have a chance to try it while they’re in town.


Don’t forget one of the most important items – Ohio Buckeyes!  Click the photo for a company that sells them in small packages, or even in individually wrapped pieces.

 Depending on how much you want to spend on the baskets, and nice addition would be a bottle of local wine.  Here are some Cincinnati area wineries to get you started.


Meier’s Wine Cellars

Vinoklet Winery

Valley Vineyards

Henke Winery

Woodstone Creek


Other items you could include are cd’s of local music, trinkets from your local sports teams and postcards of local attractions.

Okay, those are our ideas.  What are yours?


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