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Theme Weddings – Part Six November 3, 2010

Tried & True – Vineyard Theme


This is a simple theme that is easy to weave into your wedding without going overboard.  You will need to pick a color scheme and stick with it, though, or your classy theme can quickly turn to tacky.  You can choose green/brown, merlot or deep purple, but we don’t recommend all three.


You can send invitations that match your color scheme or that have a wine motif on them.  We like the simplicity of this leaves and grapes invite…



…and we love this invite that is designed to look like a wine label!



You can carry the theme into the gifts you give the members of your wedding party as well.  The simple thing to do would be to buy them each a bottle (or bottles) of wine.  The even better thing to do is give them something to carry that wine!  This cute tote holds two bottles and includes a corkscrew, cheese board and cheese knife.



Moving into the reception, we found the cutest placecard holders!  This is one of several design options offered on their site.



For easy centerpieces, gather three or five wine glasses for each table, in assorted shapes and sizes, and fill with candy or a tealight candle.  We also like thise votive holder that sits on a wine bottle.  You may want to fill the wine bottle with water to give it some weight, so the centerpiece doesn’t get too top heavy.



While looking for some cool vineyard themed wedding cakes to share with you, we saw tons of cakes with fondant grapes dripping down each tier.  Not exactly what we had in mind.  We did come across one we loved (modern with a few grapes), and hope you love it, too!



Quirky – Retro Cocktail Party Theme


This can be such a fun theme!  Even if you’re not into theme weddings, there are some great ideas you could use here for a couple’s shower or first anniversary party.


Both of these invitations are bold cocktail designs, and while they weren’t originally designed for weddings, all of the text is customizable.  Your guests will have no doubt in mind that you’ve got a fun evening planned for them.






You can get the wedding party in the mood by giving cocktail shakers as gifts.  We love this one that has recipes printed on it!  Bonus points if you include mixers and other cocktail making accessories with the gift.




You will also want to be sure that your wedding reception bartender is able to carry out the theme.  Depending on what type of bar you are providing for your guests, you should have a signature classic cocktail at the least.  Even more fun would be to have five or six recipe cards on display at the bar, each featuring a retro cocktail your guests may want to try.  Need some inspiration?  Look no further than the local blog, “wine me, dine me (in Cincinnati)“.  The link is to a classic Sidecar recipe, but click on the Cocktail Hour tab for more ideas.


Typically we’re not huge fans of candle favors, but this one keeps making us laugh.  It’s cheesy, but certainly carries the theme onto your guest tables.  We would love to hear some of your ideas for other favors, though.




You may recognize this cake topper from a previous post, but it seems to go with this theme perfectly.  While a martini shaped cake seems a little too over the top, this retro couple cake topper is the perfect finish for your retro reception.




Happy planning!


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