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Money Saving Tips November 15, 2010


You always hear that weddings are expensive, but it sure hits home when you start planning your own!  Here are some ways to save a few bucks along the way without sacrificing your dream wedding.


Schedule your wedding during an off-peak time.  Weddings planned for November through March can often receive discounts because wedding vendors are not as in-demand during those months.  During the peak months, Friday and Sunday weddings are becoming more popular for the same reason.


Have the wedding and reception at the same location.  You won’t have to buy or rent twice the amount of decorations, and fancy transportation is no longer expected.


Open a credit card that does cash back on purchases, and charge all wedding expenses to the card.  Just be sure to pay it off every month!  By the time your wedding rolls, around, you will be able to use your cash back to credit your account.  Who knew you could make money planning your wedding?!


Trim your guest list.  There is no need to invite everyone you’ve ever met to your wedding.  You don’t need to invite your great aunt’s hairdresser’s cousin, either.  When you make your guest list, first write down everyone you would like to invite.  If the list is too large, start looking for ways to cut back.


 Make your own invitations.  Having them made used to be the thing to do, but more and more couples are sending out DIY invites.  There are kits available if you want to make traditional invitations, and tons of cute blank wedding invitations you can order and print the info on at home.


Plan early.  Make a list of everything you’re going to need to purchase, then keep an eye out for sales.  Need white lights?  Buy them right after Christmas when everything goes on clearance.  Ordering favors?  Find ones you like on The Knot and wait for them to go on sale.


Don’t hire live musicians to play your ceremony music.  Make sure your ceremony site has a decent speaker system, and put all of your ceremony songs on CD.  If the ceremony and reception are at the same location, ask the DJ to play the music through their system.


Having a buffet?  Instead of two meat entrees, have one meat and one vegetarian.  You should be able to get better pricing from your caterer.


If you have 300 guests at your wedding reception, ask your baker to design a wedding cake that only feeds 150.  You will still have a beautiful cake for photos, and you can have sheet cakes, or “kitchen cakes” in the back to feed everyone else.  Once the official cake is cut, the caterer can bring out the sheet cakes, which have already been cut and plated out of sight.


Limit your bar options.  Pay for your guests to have beer and wine, but have mixed drinks available on a cash only basis.  This way you are still providing your guests a great party atmosphere, but not breaking the bank on liquor.


Where to Splurge


There are two areas you should plan on spending money for your wedding – professional photography and a professional DJ.  If you enlist friends to provide either one of these services, be prepared.  We have lived through horrror story after horror story of equipment not working, photos being erased, first dance song files being corrupted…


You’re spending a lot of money on your wedding, and these two vendors can make or break your memories of the day.  Trust us and hire a professional.


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