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Theme Weddings – Part Seven February 4, 2011


Tried & True – Fleur de Lis Theme



The Fleur de Lis has a lot of history, which we won’t bore you with here.  It can be a great theme for your wedding if you have a French heritage, love New Orleans sports or just think it’s pretty.  If one of these reasons fits you, we have some great suggestions for your wedding.


There are tons of options for wedding invitations with the Fleur de Lis design, and many have matching programs, menu cards and thank you notes.  Here are two examples for you; one classic and one modern.



There are subtle ways for your wedding party to show off the design, too.  Your groomsmen can wear ties with a Fleur de Lis pattern, or you can tie charms to the bridesmaid bouquets.  There’s even Fleur de Lis jewelry.  Can you picture your bridal party wearing these matching rings?



If you want to carry the theme into the reception venue, look for a fun alternative to the everyday card box.  You could probably find a Fleur de Lis print hat box at Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge, Old Time Pottery or a similar store.  Cut a hole in the top and you have a custom card box!  You can also order custom color decals to put on votive holders for an inexpensive addition to your centerpieces.



We also came across two useful favors – a bottle opener and mints!



And now…cake!  If you do an internet search for Fleur de Lis wedding cakes, you could spend days looking at images.  Several were pretty but similar, so here are a couple of different options.


http://www.flickr.com (Cake Rhapsody)


Quirky – 80’s Theme


 Okay, so we don’t know too many brides who want to have an 80’s Flashback wedding, but it has been done.  If you love the idea but want a traditional wedding, think about using some of these ideas for a couples shower instead.


Invites – the wilder, the better!  Below are a couple of colorful options, and why not seal the envelopes with scratch n’ sniff stickers?


Now that you’ve tipped your guests off to the theme, be sure to incorporate the theme into your decorations.  Make 80’s trivia cards with the questions on one side and answers on the back, and leave stacks on every guest table, or one at each place setting.  Several old school board games and toys now come as miniatures on keychains.  Why not use these as guest favors?


 You can also use an 80’s beverage for your toast.  How funny would it be for the head table to all raise bottles of Tab soda for the toast?  The most obvious way to tie in the 80’s is to choose songs from the decade for all of your special dances.  Need a reminder of what the Billboard Number One Hits were?


Be sure to go all out for the cake…the more neon, the better!  We love this cake, but we’re not so sure about the Ken & Barbie toppers.  What would you use for the topper?



Who can resist an 80’s themed candy station.  For some inspiration, head to Candy Warehouse.  Still want more ideas and decorations?  We found a great list of 80’s party supplies at Party Supplies Hut


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