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Guest Post – Photo Booths August 14, 2013

This post was written by the newest member of our team, Grace Sweeney.  In addition to helping coordinate weddings at the Oasis, many of Grace’s friends are recently married and she is helping us keep an eye on wedding trends in the rest of the Cincinnati market.


The Photo Booth Trend Is Here To Stay!

Start planning ladies, because photo booths are proving to be their own staple at weddings these days.  The countless ways to customize a photo booth for your special day are endless.  Gone are the days of a basic backdrop and random props thrown into a dark corner of your reception venue. Make way for the creatively themed, color coordinated and even DIY options that you can create for you and your guests to play with throughout the evening.

Recently, we were all pulled into a booth by one of our new favorite photo booth vendors (Smiley Photo Booth) and had an absolute blast! We spent just as much time coordinating our props as we did goofing around in the booth.  This particular experience was reflective of the usual set-up you might expect when you first think of a photo booth.  There was a draped off square booth where you enter through the curtain, and pose for the camera for a series of pictures.  Then let’s not forget the enormous selection of props to choose from which included a Batman mask, Elvis sideburns, feather boas, giant glasses, and signs with funny phrases on them (“Single”, “Hot”, etc.).  Booths of this sort are a surefire way to get the creative and crazy sides of your guests going all night.  We bet you’ve never seen a picture of your grandma wearing devil horns and a hot pink feather boa before!

Oasis Sales Team

Oasis Sales Team

If you are anything like us though, you might be looking for new ideas, current trends, and a way to add personal touches to your wedding.  The photo booth is a great way to pull in customized ideas and memories that will always remind guests of your wedding day.  Depending on which route you take for arranging your photo booth, you might hire a vendor who is strictly a photo booth company.  Or your photographer may offer their own services for a photo booth.  Either way, you should have some freedom when it comes to the props that are used. You can tie your props into the theme or overall décor of your wedding! Having a Parisian themed wedding?  Use Parisian props!  Maybe you and your future spouse are huge fans of a sports team, or love superheroes.  Whatever it is that strikes your fancy, share it with your guests, and they’ll be sure to enjoy themselves.  Take a look at these photos for some inspiration.





We would love to see your photo booth pictures!  Post them to our Facebook page here.


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