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Guest Post – Table Numbers May 2, 2014

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This post was written by a former co-worker and current Oasis bride, Emily Burden.
Emily has worked in four venues in the Cincinnati area, so she has gotten to see some really creative ideas for wedding decor.
Here are some of her favorites for table numbers.  We can’t wait to see what she chooses for her own wedding at the Oasis Conference Center here this fall!


Creative Table Numbers

 When you were a little girl planning and envisioning your dream wedding, I’m sure how your table numbers looked wasn’t even in the picture.
However, with the changing times and the DIY age in full swing, the overlooked table numbers are getting a well deserved makeover.

Incorporate pictures into the table numbers by using either the year or an age with a picture of both you for that time period.
This is a great to show guests how each of you have changed and grown in your life.

Why use numbers at all?! Have each table be a different song that is a favorite or of some significance to you as a couple. What is great about this option is that if you are having a buffet, instead of doing the traditional captain’s call for tables, the DJ can play the song at the table as a signal for the guests to go get their food.


If you are the traveling type of couple, use the table numbers as a way to showcase some of your favorite places and memories there.
Have the cities be the “number” with pictures and a few other fun things associated with each place for a fun design.

If you are the type to want to stick to the traditional aspect of table numbers, have no fear, there is something fun for you too!
Why not have people write advice to open for that year anniversary for the two of you?

The last of my favorites is the unison stationary look. It is one of the simpler looks, but still has a lot of creativity to it. You can tie everything thing together with the final look of the table numbers matching your invitations and save the dates for a clean and crisp look.

For a few more table number inspirations, take a peek at our Pinterest table number board.


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