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Guest Post – Table Numbers May 2, 2014

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This post was written by a former co-worker and current Oasis bride, Emily Burden.
Emily has worked in four venues in the Cincinnati area, so she has gotten to see some really creative ideas for wedding decor.
Here are some of her favorites for table numbers.  We can’t wait to see what she chooses for her own wedding at the Oasis Conference Center here this fall!


Creative Table Numbers

 When you were a little girl planning and envisioning your dream wedding, I’m sure how your table numbers looked wasn’t even in the picture.
However, with the changing times and the DIY age in full swing, the overlooked table numbers are getting a well deserved makeover.

Incorporate pictures into the table numbers by using either the year or an age with a picture of both you for that time period.
This is a great to show guests how each of you have changed and grown in your life.

Why use numbers at all?! Have each table be a different song that is a favorite or of some significance to you as a couple. What is great about this option is that if you are having a buffet, instead of doing the traditional captain’s call for tables, the DJ can play the song at the table as a signal for the guests to go get their food.


If you are the traveling type of couple, use the table numbers as a way to showcase some of your favorite places and memories there.
Have the cities be the “number” with pictures and a few other fun things associated with each place for a fun design.

If you are the type to want to stick to the traditional aspect of table numbers, have no fear, there is something fun for you too!
Why not have people write advice to open for that year anniversary for the two of you?

The last of my favorites is the unison stationary look. It is one of the simpler looks, but still has a lot of creativity to it. You can tie everything thing together with the final look of the table numbers matching your invitations and save the dates for a clean and crisp look.

For a few more table number inspirations, take a peek at our Pinterest table number board.


Guest Post – Bridal Shows November 22, 2013

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This post was written by our resident wedding expert, Jennifer Suma.  Jennifer is the wedding coordinator for Oasis Conference Center, and has been a part of over 100 weddings.  As a vendor, bride and bridesmaid many times over herself, she has some great tips for attending bridal shows!


A Bridal Show Adventure

Getting engaged is exciting and emotional and you feel like you are floating on a cloud…for about a week. Then you realize you need to find a venue, pick a date, select a DJ, find a dress, choose a photographer, etc., etc. The list becomes endless and you go from “blushing bride” to “get me off this ride!”

One of the best ways to get started and see all of the local vendor options is to attend a bridal show. Yes, those can also be overwhelming, but in what other setting to do you get to see anywhere from 50-500 vendors all lined up and ready to tell you about their business? They have pictures, promotions, free pens and will probably tell you more than once how beautiful your ring is and how gorgeous you will be as a bride! You can accomplish in 4 hours what would normally take you 4 weeks to search and with all the compliments you might also leave feeling like Miss America (if she were getting married).


From my experience as having been both a bride and a vendor I have seen some do’s and definite don’ts for these shows:


  • Come with a FEW friends or family members for support.
  • Create a new email address just for your wedding prior to any wedding planning. All your wedding emails will go to one place and both you and your fiancé can have access. Make it something fun like mrandmrssmith@gmail.com.
  • Make labels ahead of time that include your name, email address, phone number, wedding date or time frame, estimated guest count and any other important notes.
  • Walk the entire show and then go back to booths that stood out to you for more face time.
  • Ask vendors if the décor at their booth is included in the prices & packages they are giving you. The booth may look like something out of a celebrity magazine, but the $40 per person package probably doesn’t include anything but the napkin.
  • Go home from the show, relax and don’t open your bag of goodies until the next day. If you try to review it all in the same night your head may really explode.


  • Come with 20 friends and family members. You will get frustrated trying to keep everyone in tow and the more opinions they have the more it will drain out the one that really matters…yours!
  • Let vendors tell you that you are behind in planning and you need to book everything right then and there.
  • Give your information to vendors that really don’t interest you just because you feel obligated. They will appreciate you not wasting your time and theirs.
  • Wear 4” heels unless this is a daily occurrence for you. Look cute, but don’t torture your feet. Happy feet equals a happy bride.
  • Feel overwhelmed. It is a lot of information to take in all at once, but you will get a lot accomplished!

Good luck at your next bridal show and maybe you will run into the Oasis! We will be at the Wendy’s Bridal Show January 4th & 5th at the Duke Energy Convention Center and the Cincinnati Wedding Showcase January 11th & 12th at the Sharonville Convention Center.  Be sure to visit both websites for admission coupons!

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Guest Post – Photo Booths August 14, 2013

This post was written by the newest member of our team, Grace Sweeney.  In addition to helping coordinate weddings at the Oasis, many of Grace’s friends are recently married and she is helping us keep an eye on wedding trends in the rest of the Cincinnati market.


The Photo Booth Trend Is Here To Stay!

Start planning ladies, because photo booths are proving to be their own staple at weddings these days.  The countless ways to customize a photo booth for your special day are endless.  Gone are the days of a basic backdrop and random props thrown into a dark corner of your reception venue. Make way for the creatively themed, color coordinated and even DIY options that you can create for you and your guests to play with throughout the evening.

Recently, we were all pulled into a booth by one of our new favorite photo booth vendors (Smiley Photo Booth) and had an absolute blast! We spent just as much time coordinating our props as we did goofing around in the booth.  This particular experience was reflective of the usual set-up you might expect when you first think of a photo booth.  There was a draped off square booth where you enter through the curtain, and pose for the camera for a series of pictures.  Then let’s not forget the enormous selection of props to choose from which included a Batman mask, Elvis sideburns, feather boas, giant glasses, and signs with funny phrases on them (“Single”, “Hot”, etc.).  Booths of this sort are a surefire way to get the creative and crazy sides of your guests going all night.  We bet you’ve never seen a picture of your grandma wearing devil horns and a hot pink feather boa before!

Oasis Sales Team

Oasis Sales Team

If you are anything like us though, you might be looking for new ideas, current trends, and a way to add personal touches to your wedding.  The photo booth is a great way to pull in customized ideas and memories that will always remind guests of your wedding day.  Depending on which route you take for arranging your photo booth, you might hire a vendor who is strictly a photo booth company.  Or your photographer may offer their own services for a photo booth.  Either way, you should have some freedom when it comes to the props that are used. You can tie your props into the theme or overall décor of your wedding! Having a Parisian themed wedding?  Use Parisian props!  Maybe you and your future spouse are huge fans of a sports team, or love superheroes.  Whatever it is that strikes your fancy, share it with your guests, and they’ll be sure to enjoy themselves.  Take a look at these photos for some inspiration.





We would love to see your photo booth pictures!  Post them to our Facebook page here.


Unique Honeymoons (Part 2) July 5, 2012

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We are in vacation mode at the office with the mid-week holiday, and we promised you more ideas for unique honeymoons, so here they are!  Be sure to leave a comment and let us know where you went, or where you are going, for your honeymoon.

  • Unhotel Honeymoon: Don’t want to stay at an everyday hotel on your honeymoon?  Try an unhotel!  There are several resources to rent people’s homes, condos or cabins instead of a chain hotel.  You can search by city, type of home, number of rooms, amenities…the list goes on.  If you are looking in New York City or London, One Fine Stay looks like a great resource.  They offer home rentals, and you can add maid service as an upgrade.  All of their rentals come with wifi, fancy sheets and towels, and an iPhone to use during your stay!  If you’re looking for a rental in other locations around the country and around the world, try HomeAway Vacation Rentals.  They have listings everywhere from Gatlinburg to Key West and Fiji.
  • Foodie Honeymoon: Foodies will enjoy seeking out cities known for their culinary scene.  Book a chef’s table dinner one night, take a cooking class and sign up for foodie tours.  We’ll list a few to get you started, but most any major city will have one.  Did you know our fine city of Cincinnati even has a foodie tour?

Cincinnati – Flavors of the Queen City

 Boston – Boston Foodie Tours

 Michigan (several cities) – Pure Michigan

 San Francisco – Gourmet Walks

  • Festival Seekers: If you and your fiance share a love of something, chances are there is a festival that celebrates it.  Browsing the internet, we came across Garlic Festivals, Film Festivals, Blues Festivals, German Festivals, Horseradish Festivals, Yoga Festivals, Christmas Festivals, Hot Sauce Festivals…the list goes on and on.  Depending on the location of the festival, you might be able to plan a week long honeymoon around it, or at least make it a stop on your travels.  To start your search, check out these websites: Top Events USA and Festival USA.  We do recommend contacting festival organizers or local Convention & Visitor’s Bureaus or Chambers of Commerce to find out the scope and size of the festival before planning your trip.

Happy Honeymooning!

Oasis Wedding Central


Unique Honeymoons May 25, 2012

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It’s our 2 year anniversary!  We want to thank all of readers for supporting Tie the Knot at Oasis.  We hope you love reading it as much as we love writing it!

Are you and your fiance untraditional?  Does the idea of laying on a beach for  a week sound too boring for you?  Not everyone is looking for a resort honeymoon.  If you’re considering something a little more off the beaten path, here are some ideas for unique honeymoons.

  • Ballpark Tour Honeymoon: Baseball fanatic couples love to see different ballparks.  You can plan to follow your favorite team to a couple of cities, or just hit as many ballparks as possible on your honeymoon.  Choose a part of the country and start planning!  A great resource is ballparkchaers.com.  They give tips on every stadium including where to park, what seats have the best view, and where the best food vendors are located.
  • Music Fan Honeymoon: If you love a certain type of music, immerse yourself in it for a week!  Schedule walking or bus tours of the music history of a city, and go to a few concerts.  Find out where the best local music is played and soak it up.  Here are some city tours we found (Editor’s Note: We have not used these companies and do not endorse them).

New York City – Rock Junket Tours

 London – London Rock Tour

 Nashville – Viator Discover Nashville

 Memphis – Backbeat Tours

  • VolunTourism: Have you ever thought about combining travel with charitable work?  There are ways you can see the sights and do some good in the States or abroad.  There are plenty of service organizations and mission trips you can sign up for, but we came across a group, VolunTourism, who seems to include a good balance of travel and work.

Do you have something different planned for your honeymoon?  We will be posting more unique ideas soon, and would love to include yours!

Oasis Wedding Central


On the Pinterest Wagon March 22, 2012

By now you have probably heard of Pinterest.  Maybe you have already an account, or maybe you are still curious.  Our quick explanation is that it’s a visual bookmarking and sharing site.  Just trust us…try it and you’ll be hooked.

Pinterest is a bride-to-be’s dream.  If you are looking for wedding dress inspiration, color schemes, cool wedding party photos, menu displays, jewelry, hairstyle ideas, or anything else wedding related, this is the place to start.  Oasis Conference Center has a page that is 99% dedicated to weddings.  The other 1% is for baby showers and other cute things we can’t help but pin.  We would love for you to follow us!  Need an invite to Pinterest (you need one to join)?  We would be happy to send you one.

If you would like to get to know our contributors a little more, you can also follow our personal Pinterest pages.

Marsha Burton, Director of Sales & Marketing

She likes to pin recipes, styles, travel and home decor.

Jennifer Suma, Social Sales Manager

Her pins include hairstyles, healthy food, weddings and pets.

Courtney Martin, Sales & Social Media Manager

My boards are for recipes, local restaurants, music and design.

Some other great wedding people/boards to follow are:

Style Me Pretty

Poptastic Bride

The Man Registry


Let us know who you like to follow!  Happy pinning!

Oasis Wedding Central


Guest Post – Wedding Timeline March 1, 2012

This post was written by our friend Sue Glew, owner of Best Friend Errand Service.    She has taken a basic wedding timeline and made it a little more fun and practical.  If you are looking for more timelines/checklists, see our previous post on the subject.

Have you ever used a personal concierge?  Let us know!


The Wedding Timeline-

Planning a wedding is a task that many girls imagine and dream about because it involves all the princess moments that have filled their dreams from the time they were old enough to watch Cinderella.  It is a day that brings the tomboys, the cheerleaders, the popular girls and the girl geeks to an even playing field because suddenly they can share the same glory, the glory and wonder of being the bride.

So that covers the fluffy part of this blog…now on to reality.  Planning a wedding is a lot of work, especially for the bride!  Below are some highlights from an easily googled wedding planner timeline.  The truth is that every bride needs to read through this and consider the experience of those before her and use the wisdom of those who have already traveled down this path to assure that her own wedding day is everything she has dreamed about…and more.

I have taken the liberty to add some thoughts to the timeline.  Some for the fun of reading and some because my age and wisdom have told me they are so.  Stay tuned for additional blogs that cover the rest of your timeline!


9 To 12 Months Before

Determine who will officiate at the ceremony.

  • This may be simple for some who have a lifelong history at a particular house of worship.  I am now amazed at the possibilities and options for officiants for hire.  This is something to look into if your wedding day does not fit into a traditional house of worship.  My suggestion is to consider how important a personal relationship with your officiant will be and begin building that relationship now if it does not already exist.

Select a wedding date and time.

  • Duh!  That being said, this may be harder than you think since you will need to coordinate many vendors for the same date.  It is best to start as soon as you can with the piece that is the most important to you.  If you have a specific church, reception hall, photographer or DJ in mind, you will need to confirm that first and work around all other components.

Announce your engagement in the newspaper.

  • Just asking…who wrote this timeline?  I believe it is now more appropriate to announce this on Facebook or Twitter.

Determine how many guests may attend.

  • This piece has an effect on everything else you consider so be thoughtful about the number you select.  Now let’s be real, this also has a lot to do with who is paying the bill so often this is a discussion and not a simple decision.  It is important to think about your dream and whether that dream involves an intimate celebration or big, bold, joyous celebration.

Determine the type of wedding you want (size, formality, style, color scheme).

  • Size- please see comments above, or make something up here because I am not clear on this point.
  • Formality – basic answers include: yes, no and somewhere in between.  This can also be directly tied to the budget.
  • Style – This one has too many possibilities to list or consider.  Be sure to buy lots of magazines, check out lots of websites (my new fave is www.pinterest.com), and talk to friends and families for ideas that make you smile.
  • Color Scheme – I keep reading that tangerine is this year’s “in” color, but that doesn’t mean you should use it for a wedding…unless, of course, you really want to do that, in which case, I think it would be beautiful, but who really cares what I think?

Select and order the bridesmaids’ dresses.

  • It may work well for you to select the bridesmaids first, but I don’t see that step on this list.

Establish a preliminary budget.

  • This step should probably be moved up on the list, but it is important to consider this early in your planning because it will impact many decisions.  As you do this it may be a good time to prioritize your wish list.  Pick the items that are most important (dress, dinner, reception, music, etc.) and determine how they fit in the budget.

Select and secure a photographer.

  • Securing a photographer sounds a little risqué to me, but I think the idea of getting these vendors committed to your date is the intention.  The further out you are planning, the easier this may be.

Select a caterer if not already provided by the reception.

  • Someone once told me that nobody will remember what they ate at your wedding unless it was really bad.  Seemed like reasonable advice.  Read reviews and definitely go for a tasting.  If the reception hall has their own catering let them offer suggestions if you are not committed to a specific menu.  They are wise to what works best in their facility.

Select and secure your reception location.

  • I would think it is best to move this to the top of the list for things to select.  Any reception hall may have restrictions on caterers, times, how you can decorate, etc, so finding this first seems the most logical to me.  If you are planning on a strict budget, you may consider a Friday night.  You could see savings up to 25%!

Select and secure your ceremony location.

  • Call me crazy, but I would think this is tied to picking the officiant or finding a reception location.   Maybe I am just trying to make this too easy.

Select and secure your DJ / band, your wedding cake baker, videographer, and florist, Day Of Coordinator.

  • Each of these vendors will play a very important role in your big day so it is important to be sure you get the vendors you want so reserve time early and sleep better!

Pick out engagement ring with fiancé.

  • In my opinion, putting this step last on this list is simply a marketing tactic to confuse a bride in hopes that she will submit deposits even though there is no concrete evidence that a groom is part of the picture.

This blog was written by Sue Glew, owner of Best Friend Errand Service. Her concierge company has been helping busy people since 2005 and helping brides since 2011 with exceptional Day Of Wedding Assistance.   You can follow her helpful and hectic life on Twitter @bestconcierge1 and on her facebook page or you can find her on the web at www.bestfrienderrand.com .  You can also read reviews from other brides on Wedding Wire and The Knot.