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Real Oasis Weddings April 12, 2012

Kayse & Brandon

Luckily this couple planned on an indoor ceremony and reception, because it certainly rained on their wedding day!  There were able to sneak outside during a break in the storm, though, and their photographer got some great shots.

Staying dry - love the bouquet!

The perfect accessory.

This pose is fantastic.

Only confident men can pull off hot pink!

Simple and elegant ceremony - love the lighting!

Newly married and so in love.

Check out the Oasis at night!

The reception started off with a bang and a great meal.

Photos by Sarah Dills Photography

Flowers by Jones the Florist

To see more photos from this wedding, visit Sarah Dills Photography Blog


On the Pinterest Wagon March 22, 2012

By now you have probably heard of Pinterest.  Maybe you have already an account, or maybe you are still curious.  Our quick explanation is that it’s a visual bookmarking and sharing site.  Just trust us…try it and you’ll be hooked.

Pinterest is a bride-to-be’s dream.  If you are looking for wedding dress inspiration, color schemes, cool wedding party photos, menu displays, jewelry, hairstyle ideas, or anything else wedding related, this is the place to start.  Oasis Conference Center has a page that is 99% dedicated to weddings.  The other 1% is for baby showers and other cute things we can’t help but pin.  We would love for you to follow us!  Need an invite to Pinterest (you need one to join)?  We would be happy to send you one.

If you would like to get to know our contributors a little more, you can also follow our personal Pinterest pages.

Marsha Burton, Director of Sales & Marketing

She likes to pin recipes, styles, travel and home decor.

Jennifer Suma, Social Sales Manager

Her pins include hairstyles, healthy food, weddings and pets.

Courtney Martin, Sales & Social Media Manager

My boards are for recipes, local restaurants, music and design.

Some other great wedding people/boards to follow are:

Style Me Pretty

Poptastic Bride

The Man Registry


Let us know who you like to follow!  Happy pinning!

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Guest Post – Wedding Timeline March 1, 2012

This post was written by our friend Sue Glew, owner of Best Friend Errand Service.    She has taken a basic wedding timeline and made it a little more fun and practical.  If you are looking for more timelines/checklists, see our previous post on the subject.

Have you ever used a personal concierge?  Let us know!


The Wedding Timeline-

Planning a wedding is a task that many girls imagine and dream about because it involves all the princess moments that have filled their dreams from the time they were old enough to watch Cinderella.  It is a day that brings the tomboys, the cheerleaders, the popular girls and the girl geeks to an even playing field because suddenly they can share the same glory, the glory and wonder of being the bride.

So that covers the fluffy part of this blog…now on to reality.  Planning a wedding is a lot of work, especially for the bride!  Below are some highlights from an easily googled wedding planner timeline.  The truth is that every bride needs to read through this and consider the experience of those before her and use the wisdom of those who have already traveled down this path to assure that her own wedding day is everything she has dreamed about…and more.

I have taken the liberty to add some thoughts to the timeline.  Some for the fun of reading and some because my age and wisdom have told me they are so.  Stay tuned for additional blogs that cover the rest of your timeline!


9 To 12 Months Before

Determine who will officiate at the ceremony.

  • This may be simple for some who have a lifelong history at a particular house of worship.  I am now amazed at the possibilities and options for officiants for hire.  This is something to look into if your wedding day does not fit into a traditional house of worship.  My suggestion is to consider how important a personal relationship with your officiant will be and begin building that relationship now if it does not already exist.

Select a wedding date and time.

  • Duh!  That being said, this may be harder than you think since you will need to coordinate many vendors for the same date.  It is best to start as soon as you can with the piece that is the most important to you.  If you have a specific church, reception hall, photographer or DJ in mind, you will need to confirm that first and work around all other components.

Announce your engagement in the newspaper.

  • Just asking…who wrote this timeline?  I believe it is now more appropriate to announce this on Facebook or Twitter.

Determine how many guests may attend.

  • This piece has an effect on everything else you consider so be thoughtful about the number you select.  Now let’s be real, this also has a lot to do with who is paying the bill so often this is a discussion and not a simple decision.  It is important to think about your dream and whether that dream involves an intimate celebration or big, bold, joyous celebration.

Determine the type of wedding you want (size, formality, style, color scheme).

  • Size- please see comments above, or make something up here because I am not clear on this point.
  • Formality – basic answers include: yes, no and somewhere in between.  This can also be directly tied to the budget.
  • Style – This one has too many possibilities to list or consider.  Be sure to buy lots of magazines, check out lots of websites (my new fave is www.pinterest.com), and talk to friends and families for ideas that make you smile.
  • Color Scheme – I keep reading that tangerine is this year’s “in” color, but that doesn’t mean you should use it for a wedding…unless, of course, you really want to do that, in which case, I think it would be beautiful, but who really cares what I think?

Select and order the bridesmaids’ dresses.

  • It may work well for you to select the bridesmaids first, but I don’t see that step on this list.

Establish a preliminary budget.

  • This step should probably be moved up on the list, but it is important to consider this early in your planning because it will impact many decisions.  As you do this it may be a good time to prioritize your wish list.  Pick the items that are most important (dress, dinner, reception, music, etc.) and determine how they fit in the budget.

Select and secure a photographer.

  • Securing a photographer sounds a little risqué to me, but I think the idea of getting these vendors committed to your date is the intention.  The further out you are planning, the easier this may be.

Select a caterer if not already provided by the reception.

  • Someone once told me that nobody will remember what they ate at your wedding unless it was really bad.  Seemed like reasonable advice.  Read reviews and definitely go for a tasting.  If the reception hall has their own catering let them offer suggestions if you are not committed to a specific menu.  They are wise to what works best in their facility.

Select and secure your reception location.

  • I would think it is best to move this to the top of the list for things to select.  Any reception hall may have restrictions on caterers, times, how you can decorate, etc, so finding this first seems the most logical to me.  If you are planning on a strict budget, you may consider a Friday night.  You could see savings up to 25%!

Select and secure your ceremony location.

  • Call me crazy, but I would think this is tied to picking the officiant or finding a reception location.   Maybe I am just trying to make this too easy.

Select and secure your DJ / band, your wedding cake baker, videographer, and florist, Day Of Coordinator.

  • Each of these vendors will play a very important role in your big day so it is important to be sure you get the vendors you want so reserve time early and sleep better!

Pick out engagement ring with fiancé.

  • In my opinion, putting this step last on this list is simply a marketing tactic to confuse a bride in hopes that she will submit deposits even though there is no concrete evidence that a groom is part of the picture.

This blog was written by Sue Glew, owner of Best Friend Errand Service. Her concierge company has been helping busy people since 2005 and helping brides since 2011 with exceptional Day Of Wedding Assistance.   You can follow her helpful and hectic life on Twitter @bestconcierge1 and on her facebook page or you can find her on the web at www.bestfrienderrand.com .  You can also read reviews from other brides on Wedding Wire and The Knot.


Real Oasis Weddings July 20, 2011

Britaney & Tanner

This couple had an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception at Oasis Conference Center – and the weather was perfect!


Recreating the moment.


Perfect day for a wedding...and look at the flower girl!


Gorgeous bouquets from H.J. Benken.


Did we mention how fun this bride was?!


We love how the pink dresses pop!


Photos by Wilker Photography

Flowers by H.J. Benken



Wedding Bouquets May 25, 2011

It’s our One Year Blogiversary!

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our brides and readers for their support and inspiration.  We’re excited about wedding season moving into full swing again and sharing more tips and ideas with you.  If there is anything you would like to see covered on the blog, let us know!


Wedding Bouquets

Before we get to some of our favorite bouquets, let’s talk about bouquet charms.  Typically we see these on the bride’s bouquet in memorium, if a grandparent or parent is no longer around to be a part of the celebration.  A newer trend, especially if there is no need for a memorial charm, is to have a charm personalized with your new monogram and wedding date.  After the wedding, many brides will use this charm on a bracelet or necklace, or even turn it into a keychain.



Instead of fresh flowers for your junior bridesmaids and flower girls, consider paper bouquets!  This will set them apart from the rest of the bridal party, often costs less, and gives them a keepsake from your wedding.  Look at these two samples!



http://www.etsy.com (AyQuePretty)


 Moving onto inspiration for the bride’s bouquet and bridal party bouquets…enjoy!




http://www.flickr.com (Marius Bell Floral & Events)


http://www.flickr.com (Anne Ruthmann)




 Your florist can also get creative with the stems.  Regular ribbon is fine to tie the stems together, but we also like these ideas.




 This last one is a little over-the-top and expensive, but we just had to share it with you.  It’s made out of vintage brooches, and it’s adorable!


http://www.etsy.com (LionsgateDesigns)


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Real Oasis Weddings March 22, 2011

Maranda & Brandon


This cute couple has been married for a little while now, but we just got to see their amazing wedding pictures and wanted to share them!


Bridesmaids taking care of a gorgeous dress - and bride!


It was a perfect day for a wedding.


The happy couple sharing a private moment.


Looking good, gentlemen!


Family and friends watching the ceremony.


Ready for a party!


Fun lighting - it adds so much to the room!


Another gorgeous bouquet by H.J. Benken.


Yes, it was as good as it looked!


Photos by McIntire Photography

Flowers by H.J. Benken

Lighting by Party Pleasers

Cake by Bakery Hill



Wedding Invitations January 25, 2011

When you starting looking at all of the options out there for wedding invitations, it can be a little daunting.  Do you want to order formal custom invites?  Buy a DIY kit?  Browse Etsy for handmade invitations?  The answer usually has a lot to do with your budget, but while you’re thinking about it, here are some classic and newer designs to inspire you.


http://www.etsy.com (papermadeinvites)







http://www.etsy.com (papermadeinvites)




 Do you love all things local?  Here are some designs and links to Cincinnati area designers/stores.





If that’s still not enough inspiration, look through our theme wedding posts for a few more ideas.  If you have already chosen your wedding invites, send us photos!



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