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Real Oasis Weddings June 9, 2014

Nicole & Ryan

We loved this navy and silver wedding!  And what guest doesn’t love getting a Yankee Candle as their favor?

Remembering those who could not be at the celebration.

Remembering those who could not be at the celebration.

Great angle from the second photographer!

Great angle from the second photographer!

Loving the clouds and the veil in this one!

Loving the clouds and the veil in this one!

The happy couple enjoying a quiet moment.

The happy couple enjoying a quiet moment.

Simple and timeless color scheme - beautiful.

Simple and timeless color scheme – beautiful.

The Shoe Game...if you haven't seen this at a wedding yet, you are missing out!

The Shoe Game…if you haven’t seen this at a wedding yet, you are missing out!

Flowers by: H.J. Benken

Photos by: Images by Daniel Michael

Congrats to the happy couple!


Theme Weddings – Part Nine August 15, 2011

Tried & True – Cherry Blossom Theme


Cherry blossoms are simple and beautiful, and easy to incorporate into your wedding design.  They go well with any soft color palate and can make any wedding and reception elegant.


We came across a couple of really cute save the date cards with a cherry blossom pattern.  Which of these do you like best?  (Pro Tip: If you like the calendar style, it comes in other patterns, too!)




 This reversible scarf would make a unique and memorable bridesmaid gift, or mother and mother-in-law gift.



 Are you having an outdoor ceremony?  These fans would be a great favor for your guests!



 And how fun would it be to have your caterer put these personlized labels on the wine bottles used at your reception?!  If that’s not an option, you may be able to use them at your rehearsal dinner.



 You can’t have a wedding without wedding cake!  Well, you can, but what’s the point?  These two cherry blossom cakes are great examples you could take to show your baker.




 Quirky – Paisley Theme


 A paisley wedding theme can be really simple, just using the design without much color.  You can also take the theme to an extreme by using brightly colored paisley patterns throughout your day.


To get you started, here are a few invitation samples.





If your wedding is going to be more casual than formal, think about patterned dresses for your bridesmaids.  Your photos will be more fun, and your girlfriends will love you for picking dresses they will want to wear again!



 Are patterned bridesmaid dresses are a little much for your taste?  Then you may want to consider a cute paisley dress for your flower girl!


http://www.etsy.com (PinkHorseshoe)


 If you want to keep the table decor at your reception simple, these personalized favor boxes would be a great way to incorporate your theme.  And, they come in several colors.



If candy favors aren’t your style, these paisley bottle openers would be a huge hit with your guests!



We know that photo booths are very trendy at wedding receptions right now, but there’s a reason for that.  They’re awesome!  Since they have become more popular, you may want to make your backdrop more interesting to set your photos apart.  These paisley stencils would be a great way to make your backdrop pop – just grab some paint that matches your wedding colors!



 Nothing pulls together a wedding theme quite like the wedding cake.  Here are a few examples of paisley cakes that do the trick.






Is there a wedding theme that you would like to see featured on the blog?  Let us know!


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Theme Weddings – Part Eight May 11, 2011


Tried & True – Diamond Theme

This is a simple, classic theme that can be paired with any color scheme you choose.  We found a fun cake that may be a little small for a wedding cake, but would be perfect on display at your bridal shower.  All brides love Tiffany, right?



 With invitations, you could either order some with a ribbon and diamond fastener across the top or side, or go for something a little more obvious, like this cute diamond invite.



 If you’re having a diamond themed wedding, you will probably want to go all out on the dress.  We love this diamond accented A-line!



This is also an easy item to incorporate into decorations.  Mini diamonds can be sprinkled around table centerpieces, on the placecard table, or used in vases instead of rocks or marbles.



This larger tealight holder would be great as a centerpiece on the head table, or used as decoration on the cake table.



This diamond ribbon is a great find!  It has so many uses, from table runners to centerpiece accents to bouquet wraps.  Be sure to check out the photos on their website for ideas.



If you know someone having a diamond themed wedding, these toasting flutes would be a great shower gift, especially when paired with a bottle of champagne.



 You can go subtle or obvious with the wedding cake, and we have great examples for both options.  Love the diamond ring cake topper?  Get it here.




Quirky – Las Vegas Theme

 We know this isn’t a new idea, but it’s still fun!  Whether you are having a destination wedding in Vegas, or bringing Vegas to your town, here are some cute ideas for you to steal.


First up, we love, love, love these save the date cards!



 Wedding party gifts are easy to find if you want to stick with the theme.  These Zippos would be perfect for the groomsmen, and the totes would make great gifts for the bridesmaids.  You could also use the totes as welcome gifts at the hotel for any out-of-towners, and fill them with goodies.




There are tons of Vegas inspirted invitations out there, but this is the one that caught our eye.



You can easily carry this theme into the reception.  You could use scratch-off cards as favors, or go all out and hire a casino event company to bring the party to you!  This could either be during cocktail hour, or toward the end of the night while the party music is blaring.


Toast your marriage with Las Vegas champagne flutes, and decorate the reception with dice candles, chocolate poker chips and Vegas lollipops.






If you’re doing a themed wedding, you HAVE to have some fun with the wedding cake.  Seriously, the crazier, the better.  Here are two fun Vegas cakes to inspire you.




If you have more ideas, please share them with us!  Or, send us photos from your theme wedding to be featured on a future post!


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Theme Weddings – Part Seven February 4, 2011


Tried & True – Fleur de Lis Theme



The Fleur de Lis has a lot of history, which we won’t bore you with here.  It can be a great theme for your wedding if you have a French heritage, love New Orleans sports or just think it’s pretty.  If one of these reasons fits you, we have some great suggestions for your wedding.


There are tons of options for wedding invitations with the Fleur de Lis design, and many have matching programs, menu cards and thank you notes.  Here are two examples for you; one classic and one modern.



There are subtle ways for your wedding party to show off the design, too.  Your groomsmen can wear ties with a Fleur de Lis pattern, or you can tie charms to the bridesmaid bouquets.  There’s even Fleur de Lis jewelry.  Can you picture your bridal party wearing these matching rings?



If you want to carry the theme into the reception venue, look for a fun alternative to the everyday card box.  You could probably find a Fleur de Lis print hat box at Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge, Old Time Pottery or a similar store.  Cut a hole in the top and you have a custom card box!  You can also order custom color decals to put on votive holders for an inexpensive addition to your centerpieces.



We also came across two useful favors – a bottle opener and mints!



And now…cake!  If you do an internet search for Fleur de Lis wedding cakes, you could spend days looking at images.  Several were pretty but similar, so here are a couple of different options.


http://www.flickr.com (Cake Rhapsody)


Quirky – 80’s Theme


 Okay, so we don’t know too many brides who want to have an 80’s Flashback wedding, but it has been done.  If you love the idea but want a traditional wedding, think about using some of these ideas for a couples shower instead.


Invites – the wilder, the better!  Below are a couple of colorful options, and why not seal the envelopes with scratch n’ sniff stickers?


Now that you’ve tipped your guests off to the theme, be sure to incorporate the theme into your decorations.  Make 80’s trivia cards with the questions on one side and answers on the back, and leave stacks on every guest table, or one at each place setting.  Several old school board games and toys now come as miniatures on keychains.  Why not use these as guest favors?


 You can also use an 80’s beverage for your toast.  How funny would it be for the head table to all raise bottles of Tab soda for the toast?  The most obvious way to tie in the 80’s is to choose songs from the decade for all of your special dances.  Need a reminder of what the Billboard Number One Hits were?


Be sure to go all out for the cake…the more neon, the better!  We love this cake, but we’re not so sure about the Ken & Barbie toppers.  What would you use for the topper?



Who can resist an 80’s themed candy station.  For some inspiration, head to Candy Warehouse.  Still want more ideas and decorations?  We found a great list of 80’s party supplies at Party Supplies Hut


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Bridal Contest Links – Round 4! December 10, 2010


We have scoured the internet for these current and amazing bridal contests so you don’t have to!  Whether you are looking to save money on items you will be purchasing anyway, to get a few freebie upgrades or to win the honeymoon of your dreams, we have found the right contest for you.  Let us know if you end up being a big winner!


Candy Bar Favors:  CandyBarWrapper.com


Lenox Blue Frost:  Lenox via Get Married


Cocktail Dress:  THEIA via Get Married


Honeymoon:  Wyndom Nassau Resort & Crystal Palace Casino


 Dream Wedding:  We’ve Got the Keys


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Money Saving Tips November 15, 2010


You always hear that weddings are expensive, but it sure hits home when you start planning your own!  Here are some ways to save a few bucks along the way without sacrificing your dream wedding.


Schedule your wedding during an off-peak time.  Weddings planned for November through March can often receive discounts because wedding vendors are not as in-demand during those months.  During the peak months, Friday and Sunday weddings are becoming more popular for the same reason.


Have the wedding and reception at the same location.  You won’t have to buy or rent twice the amount of decorations, and fancy transportation is no longer expected.


Open a credit card that does cash back on purchases, and charge all wedding expenses to the card.  Just be sure to pay it off every month!  By the time your wedding rolls, around, you will be able to use your cash back to credit your account.  Who knew you could make money planning your wedding?!


Trim your guest list.  There is no need to invite everyone you’ve ever met to your wedding.  You don’t need to invite your great aunt’s hairdresser’s cousin, either.  When you make your guest list, first write down everyone you would like to invite.  If the list is too large, start looking for ways to cut back.


 Make your own invitations.  Having them made used to be the thing to do, but more and more couples are sending out DIY invites.  There are kits available if you want to make traditional invitations, and tons of cute blank wedding invitations you can order and print the info on at home.


Plan early.  Make a list of everything you’re going to need to purchase, then keep an eye out for sales.  Need white lights?  Buy them right after Christmas when everything goes on clearance.  Ordering favors?  Find ones you like on The Knot and wait for them to go on sale.


Don’t hire live musicians to play your ceremony music.  Make sure your ceremony site has a decent speaker system, and put all of your ceremony songs on CD.  If the ceremony and reception are at the same location, ask the DJ to play the music through their system.


Having a buffet?  Instead of two meat entrees, have one meat and one vegetarian.  You should be able to get better pricing from your caterer.


If you have 300 guests at your wedding reception, ask your baker to design a wedding cake that only feeds 150.  You will still have a beautiful cake for photos, and you can have sheet cakes, or “kitchen cakes” in the back to feed everyone else.  Once the official cake is cut, the caterer can bring out the sheet cakes, which have already been cut and plated out of sight.


Limit your bar options.  Pay for your guests to have beer and wine, but have mixed drinks available on a cash only basis.  This way you are still providing your guests a great party atmosphere, but not breaking the bank on liquor.


Where to Splurge


There are two areas you should plan on spending money for your wedding – professional photography and a professional DJ.  If you enlist friends to provide either one of these services, be prepared.  We have lived through horrror story after horror story of equipment not working, photos being erased, first dance song files being corrupted…


You’re spending a lot of money on your wedding, and these two vendors can make or break your memories of the day.  Trust us and hire a professional.


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Theme Weddings – Part Six November 3, 2010

Tried & True – Vineyard Theme


This is a simple theme that is easy to weave into your wedding without going overboard.  You will need to pick a color scheme and stick with it, though, or your classy theme can quickly turn to tacky.  You can choose green/brown, merlot or deep purple, but we don’t recommend all three.


You can send invitations that match your color scheme or that have a wine motif on them.  We like the simplicity of this leaves and grapes invite…



…and we love this invite that is designed to look like a wine label!



You can carry the theme into the gifts you give the members of your wedding party as well.  The simple thing to do would be to buy them each a bottle (or bottles) of wine.  The even better thing to do is give them something to carry that wine!  This cute tote holds two bottles and includes a corkscrew, cheese board and cheese knife.



Moving into the reception, we found the cutest placecard holders!  This is one of several design options offered on their site.



For easy centerpieces, gather three or five wine glasses for each table, in assorted shapes and sizes, and fill with candy or a tealight candle.  We also like thise votive holder that sits on a wine bottle.  You may want to fill the wine bottle with water to give it some weight, so the centerpiece doesn’t get too top heavy.



While looking for some cool vineyard themed wedding cakes to share with you, we saw tons of cakes with fondant grapes dripping down each tier.  Not exactly what we had in mind.  We did come across one we loved (modern with a few grapes), and hope you love it, too!



Quirky – Retro Cocktail Party Theme


This can be such a fun theme!  Even if you’re not into theme weddings, there are some great ideas you could use here for a couple’s shower or first anniversary party.


Both of these invitations are bold cocktail designs, and while they weren’t originally designed for weddings, all of the text is customizable.  Your guests will have no doubt in mind that you’ve got a fun evening planned for them.






You can get the wedding party in the mood by giving cocktail shakers as gifts.  We love this one that has recipes printed on it!  Bonus points if you include mixers and other cocktail making accessories with the gift.




You will also want to be sure that your wedding reception bartender is able to carry out the theme.  Depending on what type of bar you are providing for your guests, you should have a signature classic cocktail at the least.  Even more fun would be to have five or six recipe cards on display at the bar, each featuring a retro cocktail your guests may want to try.  Need some inspiration?  Look no further than the local blog, “wine me, dine me (in Cincinnati)“.  The link is to a classic Sidecar recipe, but click on the Cocktail Hour tab for more ideas.


Typically we’re not huge fans of candle favors, but this one keeps making us laugh.  It’s cheesy, but certainly carries the theme onto your guest tables.  We would love to hear some of your ideas for other favors, though.




You may recognize this cake topper from a previous post, but it seems to go with this theme perfectly.  While a martini shaped cake seems a little too over the top, this retro couple cake topper is the perfect finish for your retro reception.




Happy planning!


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